Explosion In The Sky TINALS
Moderat TINALS 2017
Spring King TINALS 2017
Caribou TINALS 2015
Yak TINALS 2016
Shellac TINALS 2016
Tortoise TINALS 2016
Algiers TINALS 2016
Girl Band TINALS 2016
Nada Surf Lost In Limoges
Dead Can Dance Beauregard
Iggy Pop Lost In Limoges
Nick Cave Beauregard
And Also The Trees La Fourmi
Interpol TINALS 2015
Thurston Moore TINALS 2015
A Silver Mt. Zion CCM John Lennon
Dominique A CCM John Lennon
Tindersticks CCM John Lennon
7 Weeks CCM John Lennon
François & The Atlas Mountain
Kendra Morris La Fourmi
Christine & The Queens